How To Get Your Girl To Be On Time

When you are the guy who is being stood up every time with your girl, you might be in a dilemma. After all, it is difficult to be angry with your girlfriend when she comes over, looking pretty though miserably late and covers you with hugs and kisses. However, though this is easily overlooked for once or twice, this might be difficult to ignore when it becomes a habit. Even though it is difficult to be rude to the person you love, there are ways of getting the message across to her.

Play on her guilt feelings
When stop running late, chances are that she knows that it disappoints you as well. You need to play with this in a subtle manner without putting her on the defensive. Show her the difficulties that you face when she is late. Put across subtle hints to her as to how it affects your time together when half of that time goes away in waiting. As the girl also has guilt feelings about her lateness, she will realize the problems and disappointments she causes in her partner as well as in the relationship.

Make her feel special
Another way of getting her to get over her bad habits is to make her feel special even if she is always late. When she comes late, she will be on the defensive and hence, any pointed reply or comment will spark a quarrel. Instead, one should direct the conversation to another point or aspect. Make her feel special even when she has nearly ruined the date by being disastrously late.

Talk it through
If her lateness is costing precious moments of your time together and putting a dent in your life hacks for couples, it is best to find a way to speak about it. Even if she is on the defensive if it is really disappointing you, it is better to express your feelings than hiding the fact and withdrawing from her. Indeed, it is the process of understanding each other and taking responsibility for each other’s actions in order to have a fulfilling and mature relationship.

Seek help
There are many ways of getting your loved one to realize her bad habits and to understand how it damages the relationship. One can seek intervention as well as small habits like lateness can spoil and dent a relationship. It could also have underlying reasons which need to be delved into to help a couple understand each other better and to have a stronger relationship out of the same. After all, when a couple deals with their differences that is when they move into a solid ground in their relationship.

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